FAR and WIDE has produced a map of the entire Turaco Trail.

Paper Version

The paper version is available for sale from FAR and WIDE directly. Please contact them by email: farnwide@mweb.co.zw

GPS Version

There is also a GPS version for use with a GPS. This version is available directly from FAR and WIDE. Please contact them by email: farnwide@mweb.co.zw

Online Mobile Version

There is also an online version available from the PDF Map Store. In order to use this version you must first download the free Avenza PDF Maps app by clicking here if you are on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch and here if you are on Android / Google Play.

You can then purchase and download the Turaco Trail Zimbabwe map from the PDF map store by accessing it here – http://mapstore.avenza.com/public/91591/

Instructions on how to use the map with the app are on the PDF Maps App.

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